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Portable Solar Lighting System

  • Portable Solar Power System
  • High Safety Lamp without Thermal and Less Wastage Material
  • Support Mobile Phone Etc. Charging
  • With FM Radio and Mp3 Player Function

Product Details

    Regular specification as follows, your requirements can be customized. Welcome to contact us for more details and offer you the lowest price and best service!

The Product Specification
Components 1*5w/9v solar poly panel with 5M cable 1*10W/18V with 3meter cable
1*4AH/6V Lead acid battery 1*7AH Lead acid battery
1*3w/6v solar led light with 3M cable
2*1w/6v Solar led light with 3M cable
3*3w/12v solar led light with 3M cable
Have rado ,MP3 and FM funtion 
Output 3*6v and USB
1*mobile charger with 5 types of connectors